If you have ever heard of Korean Skincare routine then you might be aware of glass skin. Glass skin means crystal clear “see-through skin”. In other words, glass skin is healthier, spotless, bright and baby kinda skin. Korean skincare is a complex yet most effective routine to get super healthy skin. This requires the step by step skincare routine and balanced lifestyle. But obviously, you can’t get glass skin in a day yet consistency is the key.

Nowadays people are constantly moving towards Korean skincare routine by using products or natural ways. Market is flooded with Korean products and every blogger is talking about K- beauty. In this post, I would be telling you how to get glass skin naturally with simple and amazing steps. Here is good news for you- this Korean Skincare is suitable for all skin types. Woah!

1. Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is an amazing part of Korean skincare routine. Honestly, I have never heard about double cleansing before. So basically double cleansing involves two steps of cleansing. First step is oil-based cleansing and the second step is water-based cleansing. Cleansing twice ensures completely cleanse the skin. Oil-based cleansing usually cuts down the oil and dirt which can’t be completely cleansed by face wash.

Since we are talking about natural methods so you can use olive oil or jojoba oil(best for oily skin) for cleansing your face in the first step. Remove makeup by using any of these oils with the help of a cotton ball. Now, next you have to cleanse your face with face wash/cleanser and water. Double cleansing gives you super clean skin than ever.

how to get glass skin naturally

2. Exfoliate your skin

After cleansing your skin thoroughly with the double cleansing method. Next you have to exfoliate gently. Exfoliation is not a daily process, you have to exfoliate your skin twice or once a week. Using a gentle exfoliator is recommended.

Use rice flour as scrub. Mix it with water to make a paste. Gently rub your face in circular motion. Don’t be harsh with your skin otherwise it can lead to breakouts so be gentle with your skin.

3. Use a toner

After cleansing and exfoliating the next step comes toner. Many individuals are wondering about the benefits of toner. Toner clarifies the skin and gives a fresh feeling. Cleansing and exfoliating dry out the skin and toner is there to hydrate your skin. To get crystal clear skin you need to avoid clogged and open pores. Only toner can help you to avoid clogged and open pores. Thereby it makes your skin healthy.

Please avoid alcohol based toner because it can dry out your skin. You can try DIY toner by mixing apple cider vinegar and water in equal proportion. Gently dab your skin with a cotton ball soaked in DIY toner. Shesha Ayurveda mogra water is pure and deeply hydrates your skin.

5. Essence

Essence is a water-based product and somewhere in between serum and moisturizer. Essence hydrates the skin and adds radiance to the skin. Healthy and glowing skin requires extra hydration and you can’t say no to it if you want glass skin. Essence improves dull skin and appearance of blemishes and fine lines. You can easily make essence at home or use natural toner free from chemicals. For homemade essence you need rose petals, soak it in water overnight then transfer it in a spray bottle and spray this on your face. For market based toner you can try bestseller Shesha Ayurveda pure rose water.

6. Hydrating Serum

Here I am talking about hydrating serum, there are many serums out there so don’t get confused. As the name says hydrating serum hydrates the skin as no one does. Yeah, we are talking about natural ways but we can’t make serum at home. Serum has active ingredients and we can’t formulate this at home. Hyaluronic Acid serum is one which you need to use in this routine. I have tried Suganda Hyaluronic acid serum which I found really hydrating and effective. Also, Enjoyed Dot & Key Hyaluronic acid serum . Hydrating serums remove fine lines and make your skin youthful forever.

how to get glass skin naturally

7. Moisturizing

Moisturizing your skin is a vital part of Korean regimen. Moisturizer helps to lock your skin in moisture and products which you have used. Apart from locking in moisture, moisturizer hydrates and penetrates your skin. Thereby makes your skin hydrating, glowing, clear and what not. It cures dry and flaky skin and provides soft and smooth skin. Night and day moisturizer may differ but the key part is using lightweight and hydrating moisturizer. For DIY moisturizer you can use aloevera gel.

Don’t forget to hydrate your eye area by applying under eye cream.

8. Sunscreen

Applying a lot of products and following a proper skincare routine is worthless unless you are not using sunscreen when heading out. Using sunscreen is a must for everyone because it protects your skin from harmful rays of sun. Whether it’s winter, raining, or summer sunscreen is a go to product for everybody. Make sure to use more than SPF 40.

Additional tip! 

Additionally, drinking a lot of water is the final step to achieve glass skin. Products and home remedies hydrate your skin from outside but inside hydration is more effective.

Glass skin is the most demanded and amazing form of healthy skin. You can get crystal clear baby skin by using this routine consistently. Consistency is the key to everything. Your skin can’t be transformed magically overnight, it’s a slow process that takes time. But yeah, after a month you will see the difference for sure. The key point of getting glass skin is proper cleansing and a lot of hydration, also using the right products and routine. Hope you found this helpful and you will achieve glass skin soon.

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