Hi dearies…
Today I thought to share my lovely lipstick and lipgloss collection:)
Hope you guys will like it….

I dont have a huge collection…These are the only ones I have…A few are there at my home in Kerala.. ( NYX lip gloss palette) 
The collection include NYX, Maybelline,Maxfactor,BeautyUK,MUA,Hedys Manishma,Loreal,Sleek Makeup and ELF………

Hope you like it…:) 🙂
I have never tried any expensive brand of lipsticks like MAC,INGLOT, Channel and all.. 🙁

I am happy with these 🙂
Also…I have ordered a few BH cosmetics ones and I am actually waiting for it.. 😉 Once I get them I will update this collection:)))


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