Hi girls…..I really loved LUSH products and I was like WHAT>>>>EEErrrgrrrrr when I heard the news about LUSH closing down its stores across the country :/
So, I decided to make some LUSH inspired masks and the end result is this…
As this is a strawberry season, I thought I will start with Strawberry face Mask….
To know I made this Yummmmmmmmy mask…Keep reading!!!
    1. Fresh Strawberries (5-8 nos) ; You can add more if you wanna prepare a large batch
    2. 3 tb spoon of French Clay/Fullers Earth/calamine Powder (You can get all of these in dept stores/grocery stores)
    3. 3 drops of Lavender Oil
    4. 4 drops of Sweet Almond Oil
    5. One Tb spoon Organic Honey
    6. A clean container to store the mask

 How to make the mask

Wow…..You are done!!!! How awesome it is…. 🙂

 How to use

  • Use everyday/ weekly once as you wish!
  • Apply it evenly on your face and spray rose water or plain water when it dries up and wash off with cold water by scrubbing the mask evenly!

A Secret Tip: Don’t let blender make a fine pulp..Let some strawberry pieces remain..This gives you that LUSHHHH effect!!!

Hope you girls love this DIY as much as I love!!!
I tested this and trust me…This is awesome!!! n ya one most important thing…
Do give it a shot and let me know what you think about this………

Yo girls!!!
Enjoy last few hours of weekend!!!
hmmm :/ God How I hate Mondays!!!