A very special gift!!!

Today’s post is really special to me…Its a lovely gift from a wonderul friend…If you are a regular reader of my blog- You might have guessed it by now – Yes, I am talking about Gia Bath & Body Works. You know from how long I have been using her products. All of her products have some magic in them and that keeps me from ordering more and more from her..From soaps to lotions to facial cleasers, body polishes – All her products are truly awesome. In this post – I am going to show you a very very valuable gift that I received from her. I have been a regular buyer and this gift is so so so special for me….I am a dreamer – Yes you guessed it right. Not many of you know that I love poetry. I always dream of lovely angels coming with an open ear. Hear all your tears – Calm all your fear… Yes , I received a beautiful cupid-angel shaped soap…


This soap was customised just for me….I thank you so much Gayatri for making this awesome piece of soap just for me…It smells so divine….The design- shape- fragrance- Everything is customized for my liking…It feels really special and awesome to see that a brand is actually making something uniquely for you…

I think I am not going to use this. I don’t want to spoil this soap. I will keep this as a show piece on my vanity table as  I don’t want to dissolve the sweet engraved angel on it….. Thanks again for this IMG_7422






IMG_7438 I can’t stop looking at it…I love this and will definitely preserve it.

What do you all think about this soap? Should I use it or preserve it?

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