Makeup Primers are the key to a flawless face. Many people out there often skip this step because they believe they don’t really need it, they are unsure on whether its essential to use , they think its not worth investing in. using a good primer underneath your base makeup will make everything last longer. Primer prepares your face for a smooth even foundation application -Make your pores appear smaller, gives a smooth, refined look to your complexion. As every other product- There are different brands of primers. In this post, I am going to review 3 fabulous products from Australis Cosmetics.


I am reviewing 3 primers from Australis Cosmetics. All 3 products come in a tube packaging. Easy to take the product.

  • Blemish Buster Acne Fighting Primer ;  Nt wt: 30 g ; Price : 23.50 $NZD ; Buy from Farmers here
  • CYA Later Pore Primer  ; Nt wt: 20 g ; Price : 23.50 $NZD  ; Buy from Farmers here
  • The Original Primer ; Nt wt: 40 ml; price : 21 $NZD ; Buy from

1. Blemish Buster Acne Fighting Primer 

Buy it here

What is it?

An acne fighting primer to fight and soothe redness. Moisturise and hydrate your skin before your foundation, while also healing and soothing acne and other blemishes.

Contains Argan oil to promote soft skin, and evening primrose oil to heal and soothe.






Let me start by experience using this by talking about its consistency. Gel like consistency makes it very easy to blend and apply. It moisturize the facial area really well prepping it for the makeup application. I like to use it on the acne spots rather than patting it all over the face. It kind of soothes acne. It contains the goodness of argan and evening primrose oil which helps reduce acne. it has a very light weight texture that almost vanishes on to the area while applying. it doesn’t make the area look greasy or sticky. Thumbs up to this product. Being a sensitive skin person, I am always scared to try new products. This one didn’t break me out . It reduced the redness around my nose area. I am almost emptying my tube. I have already bought a back up for this one…A must purchase if you have acne prone skin which tends to turn oily upon applying foundation. Also, the name suits the product well..Blemish buster! Bye Bye Blemishes! Works well as a acne spot treatment too.IMG_2963

2. CYA Later Pore Primer

Buy it here 

What is it?

A spot primer that creates a flawless base and smooth complexion. Minimise the appearance of pores and other imperfections with this non-greasy and moisturising primer.

Contains Vitamin E to moisturise, silicone to control oily skin and pores and almond oil to promote healthy skin.


This is claimed as a drugstore dupe of Benefit Porefessional. Australis Cya Later Pores  is targeted at minimising the appearance of pores. IMG_2967






Shake the tube nicely before squeezing out the primer. texture is similar to that of benefit porefessional. Consistency is a mix of gel and a mousse which blends beautifully to a smooth, velvety texture. Its flesh toned, blends to no color which is great. This one takes a little time to set than the benefit. it works wonderfully on pores. Really fill them in and creates a smooth canvas for base makeup. I am really going to stock this up and I reach out to this all the time. My go to primer I would say. It helps keep my face oil free for hours and hours. no breakouts, skin irritations etc. Its non greasy and no sticky at all after it sets. Containing Vitamin E and Almond Oil, this formula is light and emollient, meaning a little goes a long way and being a spot primer, it’s designed to be used only in problem areas so the smallest dot of product is all you really need. It leaves the skin feeling so velvety soft . Really helps in minimizing the appearance of pores. On application it appears a little shiny on the face, But, Trust me, It sets well and the shine disappears. Love it..Can’t rave more about it! Love Love Love it! Must buy from the brand!IMG_2972


3. The Original Primer

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What is it?

The perfect product for a fresher complexion and longer-lasting foundation. Moisture-protective and hydrating formula that creates a smooth skin canvas for perfect make-up application that lasts longer.

Contains vitamin A and C derivatives which offer anti-aging properties and Honey, Aloe Vera and Cucumber extract that retain the skins moisture.



If you don’t have any specific problem like acne, pores etc on your face and you are looking for a good everyday primer. This is for you. It has a gel formula prevents foundation from fading etc. I am not a fan of its smell. if you have dry patches on your face and you need a moisture boost primer- Buy this one. This does the job of hydrating your face without making it look greasy. If you ask me whether I will repurchase this- I would say no. I would go for Cya Later Pores primer and blemish buster as those two address the issues I face. IMG_2977






Overall, All these 3 primers are a huge hit from the brand. I love the fact that they are affordable and of great quality. Also, primers are a must have product. Primer gives a smooth canvas for a flawless makeup application. Also, primer is absolutely necessary if you have dry areas on your face, A good primer form a barrier between moisturiser and foundation. Australis Cosmetics products are vegan and the entire range can be purchased from department stores across New Zealand & also online from Farmers, etc

Have you tried any of these Australis Cosmetics primers ? Which is your favorite primer at the moment ? Do let me know in the comments. 

** Products send by brand for consideration. However, my review is honest and unbiased as always.


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Bee · August 21, 2015 at 1:35 am

OMG> I’ve been wanting to try this brand since ages!!!!
I’m really liking the pictures and the review….. 😀 and your banner too!

Can you ask them if they ship to US!

    renjianooj · August 21, 2015 at 8:57 am

    Thanks a lot bee <3

Ellen · August 21, 2015 at 12:06 pm

these photos are so pretty! and great review too 🙂

♥ Ellen

    renjianooj · August 21, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    Thanks Ellen 🙂

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