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Give your skin the burst of hydration. It’s much required these days! Almost every hour during day and night, We are glued to gadgets, Who have time for a proper skincare. Most of us suffer from severe skin damage. Though no products can completely stop skin damage. To an extend these skin damages can be prevented if proper care is taken. Here comes the importance of using skincare products that targets skin dullness and dehydration problems.

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Dot & Key launched their hydration skincare range. With the hydrating powers of hyaluronic acid – infused with natural botanicals – tired, dull skin is about to be a thing of the past. Wake up with plump and happy skin every morning with Dot & Key’s exclusive essentials for skin hydration. In this post, I am featuring Hydration skincare range. Gives your skin much needed rest and gets you a good night’s sleep. Get ready to let your skin soak in all the moisture overnight and you wake up to hydrated, plump skin like never before ????????


Countdown to Christmas – Winter Skincare Simplified with ‘BELIF’ products

Winter, though its exciting to experience snow, enjoy the festive season of love, and flaunt those winter fashion, boots and cape styles ; It can bring a lot of damage to skin if no proper care is taken.

low temperatures, prolonged use of heaters indoors, lower air humidity – It can all affect our skin, impairing its barrier function making it vulnerable to dehydration, lack of lustre, sensitivity, dry patches, itchiness etc.

It’s always better to modify your skincare routine as the season gets cooler. To reduce skin getting over dry or to prevent conditions like redness, itchiness and also to keep skin more healthy and comfortable this season. One must use right products. Especially the moisturiser should be chosen properly. Overnight care is a must during this season. Also, make sure you hydrate yourself by drinking a lot of water.

In this post I am reviewing two products from belif skincare – Moisturizing Eye Bomb & The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb


Best Skincare Products for Urban Girl ?? MURAD Skincare

Have you ever thought what kind of damage your digital gadgets can bring to your skin. Also, city life and exposure to pollution does a lot of skin damage too. Researches show that living in cities makes you look older. The polluted urban air will make you age 10 per cent faster than anywhere else. Pollution is much more than the fumes coming out of vehicles.. While nitric oxide and hydrocarbons from burned fuel forms major component, don’t forget there’s all kind of floating debris in the air.

Air pollution is known for causing premature aging, acne, accelerating wrinkles and dark spots, and drying out the complexion. Also, let’s not forget the damage done from digital devices. I am a kind of person who is glued to laptop more than 11 hours of my day. Phone and Tab are pretty much glued to my hands as well. I recently got awareness regarding the blue light from these devices which can actually cause damage for the skin.

So, What next – How to take care of your skin from these threat ? Reducing Skin exposure to pollution is likely still the most effective method. Even working indoors doesn’t mean you’re free from exposure to pollution. That’s why it’s important to clean your skin at the end of the day, once it helps to remove all the potential irritants and pollutants that have attached to our skin throughout the day. Most importantly switch to skincare that protects your skin from these environmental aggressors including  digital devices, pollution, infrared radiation and UVA/UVB. When skin’s appearance is affected by all these environmental assault or you have signs of aging, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, or an apparent loss of firmness, retinol products help minimize those concerns. Studies have clearly shown that retinol naturally turns around how skin appears—which makes it one of the most exciting skincare ingredient. The wonderful MURAD team kindly sent me some of the skincare products. In today’s post I will be discussing in detail on how I use each of them.


Amore Pacific TIME RESPONSE Targeted Eye Masque | Review

In this busy world we all are looking for products on the go, Especially, for people like me who travels a lot. Face Masks and ready to put on masks that doesn’t require any rinsing is my new love..

These kind of serum-soaked eye masks fits right into the lives of us busy girls—they’re super easy to peel and apply and won’t block your vision like potato or cucumber slices. In addition to that, they hydrate, firm and lighten the under-eye area while getting rid of puffiness and dark circles, giving you bright, wide-awake eyes. In today’s post I am reviewing one of the eye mask that I received for review. This is a super super luxurious product. The delicate eye area is particularly vulnerable to signs of aging. This mask particularly targets that problem area. To know whether it’s worth the price tag, Keep reading!

Amore Pacific TIME RESPONSE Targeted Eye Masque  – USD $140.00

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